Happy Hour XXV Setlist

Thank you for coming to Happy Hour XXV! We hope you enjoyed the show just as much as we did.

Act 1

  1. Survivor's Paradise (opb. Destiny's Child, Coolio)Solo: Tyler Brewer '19, Jake Herrera '16
  2. Lovers in Rome (opb. The Shadowboxers)Solo: Tommy Strawderman '19
  3. Lone Digger (opb. Caravan Palace)Solo: Drake Eshleman '20
  4. You Got a "C" (original arrangement)Solo: Jon Lassman '17
  5. Iscariot (opb. Walk the Moon)Solo: Chino Agulanna '18
  6. Death of a Bachelor (opb. Panic! at the Disco)Solo: Andrew Melchionna 'grad
  7. Act 2

  8. Wannabe Larger Than Life (opb. The Backstreet Boys, The Spice Girls)Solo: Various
  9. Wheel (opb. John Mayer)Solo: John Schafer '18
  10. Shape of Your Hips Don't Lie (opb. Ed Sheeran, Shakira)Solo: Nathan Kashdan '18, Martin Eizayaga '20
  11. Super Rich Kids (opb. Frank Ocean)Solo: Various
  12. Believer (opb. Imagine Dragons)Solo: Jae Noh '18

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