Set List from Happy Hour XXIV. Thank you to everyone that attended!

ABBA Medley (Opb: ABBA; Solos: Jon Lassman ’17, Phil Fargo ’16, Christian Kelly ’16, Anjit Fageria ’16, Tyler Brewer ’19, Scott Hare ’16; Arranged by Jon Lassman ’17)
When We Were Young (Opb: Adele; Solo: Christian Kelly ’16; Arranged by Christian Kelly ’16 and Jon Lassman ’17)
Burning Up (Opb: Marianas Trench; Solos: Donny Morrissey ’16, Tommy Strawderman ’19; Arranged by Donny Morrissey ’16)
MLK/Never Forget (Opb: U2/Take That; Solos: Chino Agulanna ’18, Jae Noh ’18; Arranged by Carib Mendez ’98/Adam Farouk ’01)
Puppeteer (Opb: MAX; Solo: Phil Fargo ’16; Arranged by Evan Yetter ’16 and Jon Lassman ’17)
No (Opb: Megan Trainor; Solos: Chino Agulanna ’18, Tommy Strawderman ’19; Arranged by Christian Kelly ’16 and Evan Yetter ’16)
Breakeven (Opb: The Script; Solo: Scott Hare ’16; Arranged by Ian Goldin ’12)
Interlude 1 (Opb: Alt-J; Solo: Evan Yetter ’16 and Austin Cody ’18)
Heartache Fetish (Opb: Young and Sick; Arranged by Evan Yetter ’16)
Sun (Opb: Two Door Cinema Club; Solo: Austin Cody ’18; Arranged by Phil Fargo ’16 and Jon Lassman ’17)
You Got a ‘C’ (Opb: Parody/The Little Mermaid; Solo: Christian Kelly ’16; Arranged by Justin Vitanza ’07)
Cake By The Ocean (Opb: DNCE; Solo: Anjit Fageria ’16; Arranged by Christian Kelly ’16)

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us during this year's Spring Tour throughout the Northeastern United States!

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