Fall Tonic Set List:

Larger Than Life/Wannabe. Opb: Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls. Solos: Eshleman ('20), Melchionna (Grad), Strawderman ('19), Noh ('18), Kashdan ('18), Agulanna ('18). Arr. Lassman ('17).

Gemini Dream. Opb: The Moody Blues. Solos: Gustafson ('18), Cheng ('20), Kellum ('20), Kashdan ('18). Arr. Lassman ('17), Noh ('18).

Heartache Fetish. Opb: Young & Sick. Arr. Yetter ('16).

You Got A 'C'. Opb: The Little Mermaid. Solo: Noh ('18). Written by Rosenfield ('09), Piel ('09), Vitanza ('07). Arr. Vitanza ('07).

Greedy. Opb: Ariana Grande. Solo: Agulanna ('18). Arr. Kelly ('16).

Ignition (Remix)/Ni**as In Paris. Opb: R. Kelly/Jay-Z & Kanye West. Solos: Melchionna (Grad), Herrera ('16). Arr. Welker ('08), Lassman ('17).

Voi Di Vo. Trad. Georgian Folk Song. 

Interlude 1. Opb: Alt-J. Solos: Herrera ('16), Eshleman ('20).

Yesterday. Opb: The Beatles. Arr. Conte.

When We Were Young. Opb: Adele. Solo: Brewer ('19). Arr. Kelly ('16), Lassman ('17).

Lovers In Rome. Opb: The Shadowboxers. Solo: Strawderman ('19). Arr. Yetter ('16), Lassman ('17).

Fire Burning. Opb: Sean Kingston. Solo: Lassman ('17). Arr. Breslin ('12).

Check out "You Got a C" with soloist Christian Kelly '16!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us during this year's Spring Tour throughout the Northeastern United States!

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