Fall Tonic XXXVIII Set List:


Levels (opb. Nick Jonas, arr. Jonathan Lassman ’17, solo: Drake Eshleman ’20, Andrew Melchionna 'Grad)

C’Mon Talk (opb. Bernhoft, arr. Adam Beckwith ’14, solo: DB Lee ’19)

Work Song (opb. Hozier, arr. Christian Kelly ’16, solo: John “Bartholomew” Schafer ’18)

Take a Walk (opb. Passion Pit, arr. Drake Eshleman ’20, solo: Tim Chan ’21, Tommy Strawderman ’19)

Paradise (opb. Jeremih, arr. Brady Kellum ’20, solo: Chino Agulanna ’18)

Sign of the Times (opb. Harry Styles, arr. Jonathan Lassman ’17, solo: Eric Rubenstein ’21, Zach Delgado ’21, Phineas Pambianchi ’21)


GurlsTok (opb. Ke$ha, Katy Perry, arr. Dan Cloutier ’11, Ian Goldin ’12, solo: Brady Kellum ’20, Phineas Pambianchi ’21)

Danny Boy (Trad., arr. Patrick Dupré Quigley)

Super Rich Kids (opb. Frank Ocean, arr. Jae Woong Noh ’18, Trio 1: Andrew Melchionna ‘Grad, Chino Agulanna ’18, John “Bartholomew” Schafer ’18, Trio 2: DB Lee ’19, Zach Delgado ’21, Martín Eizayaga ’20)

Believer (opb. Imagine Dragons, arr. Evan Yetter ’16, Brady Kellum ’20, solo: Jae Woong Noh ’18)

Agnes (opb. Glass Animals, arr. Brady Kellum ’20, solo: Cody Fiduccia ‘Grad)

I’m a Believer (opb. Smash Mouth, oopb. The Monkees, arr. Adam Beckwith ’14, solo: Nathan Kashdan ’18)

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