Since 1968 we have been the official a cappella subset of the Cornell University Glee Club. 

In addition to two large concerts during the school year, the Hangs frequently perform on campus, in the surrounding areas, and even internationally. Recent international tours include Spain (2013) and the United Kingdom (2011). The Hangovers are often called upon to sing at student functions, weddings, charity concerts, greek events, corporate meetings, and even marriage proposals!

The group at Iglesia de La Merced in Antigua, Guatemala.

The group at Iglesia de La Merced in Antigua, Guatemala.


The Hangs sing quite a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, pop, traditional choral, as well as several original compositions and parodies. All of their arrangements are created by current members and alumni of the group, and the group is entirely student run.


The name is taken from the title that was given to fifth-year students in Cornell's five-year architecture and engineering programs of the '60s. After their fourth (senior) year, students in these programs had to hang over an additional year to complete their degrees. The name, of course, has no other real connotations.


The colorful rugby jerseys that the Hangs wear have been a tradition in The Hangovers as long as any of the current members can remember! Each Hangover has his own custom rugby that he earns after performing with the group for one semester. See two guys with the same colors? It means they were accepted into the group at the same time! If you see the Hangs walking around campus in their rugbies, it means they're probably going to sing somewhere. Go up and introduce yourself and you might get serenaded!

The Cornell Glee Club

The Hangovers are the official a cappella subset of the all-male Cornell University Glee Club. The Glee Club is a choir of roughly sixty males that sings a variety of choral music from renaissance all the way to American spirituals. Founded in 1868, it is the oldest student organization on campus. The Glee Club's most recent appearances include performances in Carnegie Hall, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Kennedy Center, and the Lincoln Center. Directed by Professor Robert Isaacs, the Glee Club is an integral part of The Hangovers' musical experience at Cornell. Feel free to check out!